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Mango Concentrates

Mango Concentrates  

Galla Foods Pvt. Ltd is part of the USD 110 million Amara Raja Group, makers of internationally acclaimed Amaron Batteries.

• One of the most celebrated of tropical fruits.
• Known as the “King of Fruits”.
• Originated in India.
• India produces 65% of the world’s mango crop.
• Golden Yellow fleshy fruit with a hard seed at the center.
• Sweet and Juicy, high in Vitamin A, C and D.
• One of the oldest fruits known in history.


Totapuri Mango Concentrates:


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : The product derived from fresh, sound ripe, Alphonso Mango fruit (Mangifera Indica L Anacardiacae VAR Alphonso). Practically free from any objectionable factor affecting quality of the fruit. Product prepared bythermal treatment to render it “Commercially sterile” and completely free from any additives and any pathogenic / spoilagemicro - organism.

Totapuri Mango Concentrates  

Appearance : Uniform, homogeneous smooth, free from fibers and any foreign and extraneous matter.
Aroma & Flavour : Characteristic prominent aroma of natural ripe Alphonso Mango and free from any fermented & offensive flavour . Particularly free from scorched or caramelized flavour.
Taste : Characteristic typical acidic sweet taste of natural ripe Alphonso Mango. Free from any off taste.
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