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Effluent treatment

Our factory is equipped with aerobic effluent treatment plant of 250 kl capacity.
Effluent from all locations of water use is collected through inter connected drains in ET plant. It is aerated here & transferred to settlement tank for sedimentation of solid particles. The treated effluent is sent to oxidation pond. From pond, water is used for gardening & civil construction.
The sludge is transferred to drying bed. The dried sludge is used as manure in our garden.
The main feature of our company is that no effluent treated or untreated is released in public drains & therefore, does not pose any danger to surrounding environment & public.

Solid waste management

The solid waste consists of followings:

  • Seeds of fruits
  • Stem ends & skin/peel of fruits & vegetables
  • Pomace-consists of fibres & embedded pulp.
  • Spoiled fruits & vegetables

The seeds & peels of good fruits are passed second time through a pulper to remove the remaining pulpy portion. The pulp extracted so & pomace are mixed & given an enzymatic treatment & centrifuge to remove the extraneous materials so that pulp can be used for making concentrate. This helps in improving the recovery out of fruits.
Then, seeds & peels are dried in sun to be used as cattle feeds and fuel in small-scale industries.
Spoiled fruits & damaged portion of peels are used for manuring by vermiculture & composting in pits.
The manure is used for gardening & helps to maintain good environment in & around our working area.
To maintain good environment, we are planting lot of trees in our premises, which are nourished by in-house made manure & treated effluent.

Fruit washing : the water is re-circulated after filteration up to it becomes dirty. This water is chl0rinated to control the contamination by continuous dosing of chlorine in the washing tub.
Steam generation : water for boiler feeding is treated in water softener to reduce the hardness. The steam condensate of evaporator is recycled to boiler to save water & energy as condensate will have high temperature.
Steam condensate from other heating equipments & vapour condensate from pulp concentration is collected in a tank to use in crate & floor cleaning.
Floor & equipments are cleaned by compressed water jet to conserve the water.
Treated effluent is used for civil construction & gardening.
Flow meters are installed at location of major use to have control over water utilization.
UV sterilizer is installed on main line of water, which feed to processing to sanitize the water.
The water to be used for blending in product is treated in r o plant.
Drinking water is passed through zero-b filter.
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