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Water is an essential & precious natural resource. It is a nature’s gift. Without water there is no life on the earth. It is as important to the fruit processing industry as to the living being. But, water is becoming scarce year by year due to increase n its consumption in industries & agriculture sectors & indiscriminate use /wastage by human beings, therefore, it needs a integrated& scientific approach for its management to use it so that undesirable wastage is avoided which helps us to save water for right utilization .

Keeping the importance of water in mind, we take care at every stage of use of water to the best effect in our factory.

Our main source of water is borewells. The water is potable. Water from all borewells is collected in a sump. From there it is pumped to over head tank to supply to various locations of use. To manage appropriately & conserve the water, we are taking following steps at various locations of its use:

Fruit washing : the water is re-circulated after filtration up to it becomes dirty. This water is chl0rinated to control the contamination by continuous dosing of chlorine in the washing tub.
Steam generation : water for boiler feeding is treated in water softener to reduce the hardness. The steam condensate of evaporator is recycled to boiler to save water & energy as condensate will have high temperature.
Steam condensate from other heating equipments & Vapour condensate from pulp concentration is collected in a tank to use in crate & floor cleaning.
Floor & equipments are cleaned by compressed water jet to conserve the water.
Treated effluent is used for civil construction & gardening.
Flow meters are installed at location of major use to have control over water utilization.
UV sterilizer is installed on main line of water, which feed to processing to sanitize the water.
The water to be used for blending in product is treated in r o plant.
Drinking water is passed through zero-b filter.
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